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Structure of concessnious

its components...

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I'm interested about how CONCESSNIOUS works ;)

And that's because i've observed myself ;)

As something in me generates thoughts, then i muset have something like ACTOR

I "HEAR my thouhts in my mind and i understand them - they has some content ;)

So, from this perspective i am such as OBSERVER of my thoughts ;)

And also i understand those thoughts - ONE THAT UNDERSTAND ;)

Other part of me that i will mention that, there is some part of me that DECIDES ;)

In other words something that evalates the thoughts and may decides what he does with the thought ;)

CONSIOUSNESS processes informations from within and from outside and reactions are based on this informations ;)

Those are basic components, as i currently understand it ;)
If you came here, you can decide what's next...

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