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a fixed point in the universe...

v10.27 02.10.2018 22:43

ME is the base for everything ;)
From ME everything is unfolding ;)
ME is the centre of universum that i know ;)
ME is the point ZERO of the reference system, which i have defined by the theory of relativity ;)
As i move me feet, the earth runs bellow ME ;)
Because if you find a fixed point in the universe (ME), you will be able to move even earth ;)
Who is this ME? ;)
I have not been able to answer this question for a long time ;)
At last i have defined ME like this:
ME is the one who asked the question WHO IS ME ;)
If i use archaic terms SPIRIT and SOUL ;)
Then SPIRIT is the answer for question WHO IS ME ;)
And SOUL is the answer for question HOW IS ME ;)
Spirit is the one who sense, who decides, who realise ;)
And everything about ME is stored in my SOUL ;)
How am I, what I want, in what I believe etc ;)
If you came here, you can decide what's next...

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