Universe as god's body

about ominpresence..

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On the beginnig there was word, information ;)
If we developers want to describe something, then we use object programming ;)

Class defines what attribues and method object has ;)

It means what characteristics object has and what activities it performs ;)

At the beginning was specified a class, it means creator had its definition ;)

And then it becomes a body ;)

It means that creator had created object of class Universe ;)

It's the only possible, when we say that the god is omnipresent in space ;)

When universe is the body of the god ;)
And also ;)
If we define a class, that describes a human, then this class is extended from class God ;)

Because class God is basic class of the system and all classes are extended from this class ;)

And then we may say that:
God is in every one of us ;)
If you came here, you can decide what's next...
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